Clean Style Professional Landing Capture Page Templates

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    The iMedia Marketing Tools ‘Clean Style Professional’ landing page templates are both aesthetically pleasing and harmonious in it’s simple but elegant style.

    The iMedia Clean Style template communicates your message with clarity and simplicity. It has also all the important elements that promotes interaction and gets you more results.

    Click on the thumbnails below to view samples.

    Clean Style Professional With Video.

    professional landing page templates video1 Clean Style Professional Landing Capture Page TemplatesLogo & Brand Image:

    Display your logo or brand image in this area. The best image height would be 80px. The width can be a maximum of 760px.

    Primary Headline:

    Primary headline for your landing page is the most important benefit of your offer that creates interest and desire in your reader. Keep this short and to the point with no more than three lines of text.

    Sales Video:

    Your sales video is what you are counting on to communicate your main message for this landing page. To display a video, click on ‘Embed Video’ button on your iMediaMarketingTools editor and paste the video code. The ideal size for the video is 480px width by 390px height.

    Features & Benefits:

    Highlight up to 6 features or benefits in the featured section of the template. Use icons that are relevant to your topic. The ideal size for the icons in this area is 60px width by 60px height.

    (check the ‘Media Center’ for icons that we have already provided)

    Clear Call-To-Action:

    Type in a clear call-to-action so that your subscribers don’t get confused at this point. List ‘one’ call-to-action. Tell them exactly what they will get as soon as they subscribe to your list.

    Links To Social Media & Social Media Plugins:

    Don’t forget to link the social media icons listed at the bottom right side of the template. You can also make your Landing page interactive by putting Social plug-ins at the bottom table of this template.

    Company Information:

    The footer section of this template gives you opportunity to add your company and contact information. You may also add more links in this area if you wish.

    Clean Style Professional With Text.

    professional landing page templates text2 Clean Style Professional Landing Capture Page Templates

    Don’t have a video for your product? No problem. You can be equally persuasive with words and bullet points.

    This template has all the elements of a powerful capture page, just without the video.

    Use bullet points wisely and make your promise in the best light possible.

    Use the extra text fields to add more contents to this page, or keep it short and sharp. Use testimonials to build trust.

    The social media plug in makes it interactive. You can use facebook’s ‘like button’, or ‘comments’ plug in at the bottom of this page. To get the facebook social plug in code click here.

    Clean Style Professional With Picture.

    professional landing page templates picture2 Clean Style Professional Landing Capture Page Templates

    Enhance the look and feel of this template with a picture that is relevant to the offer you are making.

    The ideal size of the picture in this area is 760px in width and up to 200px in height.

    You can use stock images from the iMediaMarketingTools ‘Media Center’.

    Click ‘Media Center’ and then select the category or industry to view images available.

    Select the ‘header’ option to find the right size image for this area. To display the image, highlight the place you want the image on the template, and click on the image of your choice from the ‘Media Center’.

    Clean Style Professional With Full Video.

    professional landing page templates full video2 Clean Style Professional Landing Capture Page Templates

    The full video template allows you to display a video in large size on the top fold of the template.

    The maximum video size to display in this area is 1280px in width by 750px in height.

    The full video looks it’s best when you have a high resolution HD video.

    To insert the video code, click on the ‘Embed Video’ button on your iMediaMarketingTools page editor and paste the video code.

    Sit Back And Watch Your Conversions Grow!

    A well designed and professional converting landing page is a big deal when it comes to successful internet promotions.

    Without a doubt, you can achieve more sales and subscribers by fine-tuning your content, and including a crystal clear call of action. Once you’ve nailed the perfect landing page, trust me—you’ll know.

    iMedia Marketing Tools is the only platform that allows you to do multiple landing pages (A-B Testing) the easy way. Build multiple landing pages with focused contents that appeals to different audience type.

    Test any niche market and marketing angles before you spend money on expensive promotions.

    Sign Up For Your 30 Day Free Trail Today!

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